Assessment Tools

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  Certified in 2004
MBTI Qualifying Workshop, MBTI Advanced Course, MBTI Coaching Executives and Managers

Millions of people around the world have been able to utilize The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to increase awareness about themselves and the people with whom they interact.  In addition, understanding type can improve communication, and increase one’s ability to learn and work together.  It offers a powerful framework for understanding relationships (personal and professional); approaches and resistance to change; and decision making styles.

DiSC Personality Assessment Certified in 2012
Certified to administer and use the DiSC Personality Assessment with individuals, teams and organizations.

The DiSC profile is a non-judgmental tool that provides an opportunity for individuals and teams to discuss people’s behavioral differences. DiSC provides a common language that helps people understand their own and other people’s behavior better.  Once you are aware of a certain behavior, you then have the choice to change it if you’re not having the impact that you want to have on others.

Fundamentals of Interpersonal Relationships 
Orientation (FIRO) Element B – Certified in 2009
Certified to administer and use the FIRO Element B with individuals, teams and organizations.

FIRO Element B is based on FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) theory created by Will Schutz, Ph.D. It measures interpersonal behavior in three areas: Inclusion, Control and Openness. People are required to work together, and leaders need to manage the interpersonal issues that arise as a result of our interactions.  Therefore, Element B is useful because it reveals how a person prefers to interact with others, making it an ideal assessment for improving work relationships and team performance.


Future Search Network – Trained in 2006
Facilitating with the Whole System in the Room

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) – Trained in 2007
Prejudice Reduction Leadership Institute Training & Conflict Resolution Training

Polarity Management – Trained in 2010
Provides the context for effectively addressing “unsolvable problems”

‘Organization Workshop and When Cultures Meet’ – simulations by Barry Oshry